Shedding excess poundage and lightening the heart’s load

Have the dark, cold days of the long winter found you piling on a few more calories than you really need? Did you gain some extra weight around your middle or on some other worrisome areas of the body that you’d really like to shed, now that warmer temperatures are almost firmly in our midst and the balmy sweetness of the air is calling us to be outside and more actively up and doing?

Do you crave a feeling of lightness and fuller breath moving throughout your body to buoy you so that you can be off and running with outdoor projects, home improvements or new adventures, especially now that we have the inner initiative and the sun’s almost full power behind us inspiring us to launch ourselves full throttle ahead and to get out and get our ‘rears in gear’?

Here are some great books to empower you with your weight loss efforts:

First, please check out Roseanne Welsh Strull and Howard Strull’s
Thinner Winners: The Complete All-In-One-Guide to Lifetime Weight Control for a fountain of excellent information and ways to act and think yourself thin.

Next, I highly recommend studying the principles of good dietary habits, of consuming whole foods as opposed to junk and nutrition-less foods, such as in the guidelines laid out in Dr Bernard Jensen’s year 2000 book,
Dr. Jensen’s Guide to Natural Weight Control:
A Balanced Approach to Well-Being
See a sneak preview here.

If you were a fan of Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo’s Eat Right 4 Your Type or Live Right 4 Your Type, you’ll appreciate reading his latest book,
Change Your Genetic Destiny.
To get an idea of his level of commitment in exploring genomic individuality and explanations of his extensive research and clinical testing on the connection between blood type, genetics, health and disease, mosey on over for a visit at Dr. D’Adamo’s blog.
His discussion of Enterotypes and Bloodtypes (April 22nd post) and the one titled Carbohydrates: More Than Just Calories (March 15th post) are fascinating.

To decrease stress and improve your immune response and neuroendocrine (nervous and endocrine systems) function, consider scheduling a session of massage, since a recent study sponsored by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine confirms that massage therapy brings improved biologic effects.

For pound shedding recipes, one can hardly beat Isa Chandra Moskowitz’, of Post Punk Kitchen, Vegan with a Vengeance and Vegan Brunch fame’s, new book Appetite for Reduction.
Yours Truly (author of this blog post) recently made the Chickpea Picatta and OMG Onion Rings (shown above as sample recipes) and can absolutely testify that they were OH MY GOD Delicious!

If carrying extra “poundage” on your frame has your heart beating a little too fast, or if you’ve been experiencing some tightness in your chest and feeling concern for possible strain on your heart due to carrying excess weight, you’ll enjoy hearing the content of these shows hosted by Layna Berman and Jeffry Fawcett, authors of Too Much Medicine, Not Enough Health.

Hypertension Revisited

SHOW INTRODUCTION People get frightened by high blood pressure, which ironically makes it worse. They forget the role that natural changes in their environment—both physical and mental—have on their equilibrium and calm.
Blood pressure naturally varies over the course of a day. It goes up in response to stressors and as we age. Since hypertension is now promoted as a disease instead of a symptom, doctors are
encouraged to push the use of pharmaceuticals to control a level of hypertension that might be transient or even normal for some people.
In fact, maintaining healthy blood pressure is simply caring for your health by building in recovery, nutrient and hormone balance, and physical activity. Today’s hour will be devoted to explaining the physical mechanisms involved in blood pressure regulation including how to treat hypertension without medication. I’m joined by Jeffry Fawcett, PhD an environment economist, writer, and health educator who produces this show with me and is director of the Sustainable Health Institute at

Effective Nutritional Therapies and Lifestyle Interventions for reducing high blood pressure.

Speaking of lifestyle interventions, how about trying a session of massage therapy, which has a calming effect on the nervous system and beneficial effects on blood circulation?

Another really good Your Own Health and Fitness Broadcast on heart health..

“Heart Disease: What Is It Really?”
Uffe Ravnskov, MD, PhD and Malcolm Kendrick, MD destroy common myths about heart disease and its cause.

SHOW INTRODUCTION Conventional medicine is slowly changing it’s collective mind about the role of blood clots and plaques in heart attacks. Although doctors still screen patients for occlusion in the arteries, there is now interest in inflammation as causative. But what does that mean? What is the reason that someone suddenly has a fatal heart attack, or one that leaves the heart with severely reduced function?

Review of Cardiac Structure and Physiology and Heart Muscle Animation

Heart Anatomy & How it Works

If it’s lack of blood to the heart, then what’s causing that to happen, and why is it that some of the heart muscle is then described as dead when in fact it’s scarred and scars, although not capable of contraction, aren’t dead? I spent the weekend listening to orthomolecular doctors discuss the reasons that the heart ages, about how vitamin K and D protect the aortic valve from calcification which destroys it. I was reminded of how folic acid, CO-Q10 and other nutrients protect vital pathways from producing high homocysteine, which causes clotting, but I’m left with this question: what causes heart attacks and why does the heart muscle get scarred? Today we take up this question with two men who have been asking hard questions about the existing convention of heart disease. Join me for a conversation with Dr. Uffe Ravnskov and Dr. Malcolm Kendrick.

For a wonderful yoga workout for the heart, try Shiva Rea’s Radiant Heart Yoga. from the DVD’s description:
“Celebrate the mystery of being human, fully alive with a radiant heart.”


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