Lissa Rankin’s 10 Fun Ways to Reduce your Cortisol Levels — Hint! it includes getting a massage!


From the MindBodyGreen newsletter Dr. Lissa Rankin

offers 10 Fun Ways to Reduce your Cortisol Levels.

Included in the list are:



😺 Pet Therapy /  🐾 Playing with animals  🐺  🐈  🐕  🐎


Creative Self expression

Shifting to thinking more about others / Giving generously

Practicing yoga, tai chi, qigong, or dance forms.

Under this 6th helpful cortisol reducing tip, Lissa has thoughtfully included the following super fabulous

recommendation, one that this Breathe Easy Massageworks practitioner is 100% on board with!:

You can also get a massage, the ultimate relaxation response activator. A nurturing massage not only relaxes your muscles, it relaxes your nervous system and kicks those self-healing mechanisms into high gear.

Join a group / Alleviate loneliness

Take your leap of faith

See slideshow of the 10 stress reduction tips HERE



~ by charl7 on June 25, 2013.

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