Alleviating Low Back Pain


Driving a car or sitting in a seated posture at a desk or workstation for many consecutive hours without taking time out for stretch and movement breaks can take its toll on the quadratus lumborum and its opposing muscle, the iliopsoas (otherwise known as the iliacus and psoas muscles, as depicted in the above image).  Here are several resources and articles to check for stretch exercise guidelines and ways of effectively releasing low back muscle hyper-contraction, chronic muscle shortening and tension.

Brian Beaudoin from InMotion Physical Therapy demonstrates the
proper way to stretch the Quadratus Lumborum
Note that Brian also includes a short 5-second isotonic contraction of the
Q-L, which will also help to eventually increase the resting length of the muscle


Cat/Cow Poses

Yoga poses known as “cow” and “cat” are both muscle stretching and strengthening exercises for your quadratus lumborum. Come to the ground on your hands and knees with your hips bent to 90 degrees and your torso parallel to the ground. The Yoga Journal website shows that you should round your back until you look like a cat stretching. Gently hold this rounded back position for about five seconds and then come back to the neutral starting position. Next, flex your low back and hold this position for about five seconds. You can repeat these alternating movements for up to one minute total.

Read more:
Excellent Demonstration of How to do the Cat Cow pose: 


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