“I started going to Charlene on a weekly basis in 2016 to help with spasticity from MS and chronic migraines.  Charlene’s skillful use of myofascial release, deep tissue massage and craniosacral have been instrumental in me being able to lead a more normal life with a 50% reduction in both muscle and tendon pain as well as migraines.”  Laura L.,  August 2016

“Very grateful to not have to follow through with the expensive M.R.I. and, also, expensive Pain Management Clinic, which would not have cured the problem, but just have put it [the resolution of chronic pain] off.  Even from the first visit I had noticeable relief from the 24/7 pain that I felt radiating down my shoulder and arm. And after the second visit I did not have to take the large dose of ibuprofen like I did beforehand.”    —-Mark Bolduc, August 2016



“I really had never been to a massage therapist prior to Charlene. She was great with explaining the process and the experience. After a few visits, the neck problems that brought me to her resolved. Charlene was also very good with her advice on how to live healthier and free of pain.”  –Alice W.


“My shoulders and back, two principle areas of tension, felt a lot looser afterwards. I felt a lot better after the massage as compared with before, with a palpable sense of my endorphin* levels having been raised. [*feel good hormones].

The calm music provides a very pleasant surrounding and contributes to a healing ambiance. I appreciate that Charlene has a very good sense of when to engage in conversation and when to trail off and allow me the experience of the silence of my breath flow and to just be in the stillness of the moment. Another part of working with Charlene that I appreciate is the extra healthful information she provides to help her clients, such as a Christiane Northrup video and the [integrative and functional] medical practitioner information, for example.”  — Sheila Daley   Comments from Students in a College Transitions Program on their experience in a Self-care techniques lesson offered as part of a pre-college course series (“Managing Stress to Improve Learning”) held at University College at Ellsworth (U Maine system) campus.


“Charlene is one of the best massage therapists I have experienced. Her knowledsge of anatomy and physiology is superb, and she uses that to get at the root of the problem and get great results quickly. She is thorough and thoughtful. She researched my specific condition to be able to offer the most effective treatment and follow-up advice. I recommend her highly!”  –Gary F.

“Charlene is always sensitive to my immediate needs and always follows up the session with more information on my queries. Charlene is a gentle and careful therapist who is a true healer.” –Janet C.




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