NEW!: Student Rates

Announcing a new rate schedule 

here at the Breathe Easy Massage studio !!
Student rates are now 50% of regular massage rates.

What exactly does this mean you may ask yourself?

It means that if you schedule a one-hour appointment that

normally costs $75.00, you will pay a 50% reduction in cost, or a total of $37.50.  If you have a seated massage session that lasts for fifteen minutes, where your massage
therapist normally would request a $1 per minute rate, you would pay $7.50.
Why the discounted rate for student clients?
I would much prefer to see you hard working scholars on a semi-regular basis, then see you only once a year or so, and to have you get to the point where your muscles are so tense that they 1) are tougher and more strenuous to unwind or have accumulated layers of dense tissue and fascial tension that take more persistence and longer, more repeated strokes or sustained compressive holds to ‘peel’ away the constrictive, strait-jacket of messily interwoven and knotted fascial (connective tissue) webbing, thus decreasing time available to work additional body areas that are in almost equal need of therapy.

2) leave you susceptible to injury and decreased function due to the ischemia (lack of
normal blood flow and lack of tissue oxygenation) and accompanying shortened muscle fibers arising from accumulated tensions and sustained postural stress, or that leave you predisposed to a noticeable loss in joint range of motion.
It’s much, much easier to prevent an injury than it is to try and recover from one that has already happened, or that has been set into motion through lack of proprioceptive awareness, or simple unintentional neglect, due to time constraints and assignment deadlines.
I was a student too not so very long ago (2008 – 2012).  I truly understand
the degree of stress and tension that has a tendency to get built up from having to sit long hours reading, or typing papers and doing research at a computer.  Our bodies were not made to withstand such static activities for long.
If you’re experiencing low back pain, or pain that runs vertically from the sacro-iliac joints along the outside of the spine and reaches up to about the 12th rib, or have any anterior thigh or groin pain that occurs on the same side of the body as the low back pain, this can potentially  be due to prolonged sitting and activation of trigger points in the iliopsoas muscle.
Check out Massage Today’s related article:  “The Mayhem Created by Sitting”
 Call me today to schedule a refreshing, balancing, mentally rejuvenative and muscle restorative massage therapy session!

Please bring a current student i.d. card and/or a confirmation letter or voucher verifying class enrollment.



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