Practice Philosophy

Practice Philosophy

The body is self-correcting. Given encouragement through the palpation of soft tissue, a person can tune into his or her own sensory feedback to adjust various internal physiological processes; and through the repeated use of touch therapies can raise his or her awareness level of their body’s self regulating mechanisms and self adjusting tendencies.

Pain is our body’s way of giving us a message that we are out of balance with the external world and that it is time to focus inward. We often can find information on how we are meant to manifest ourselves in the external world, as a result of this inward focusing of attention. Through releasing pain and improving our life’s quality, this inner witnessing can lead to growth into our true potential and to a natural improvement in our mental outlooks. Like meditation, massage helps us to tune into the flow of our breath, tunes us in to the present moment and helps us to feel aligned and connected with universal energy and life force.

Within us are microcosms of the greater macrocosm, each with individual contributions towards our system’s total balance. Conversely, I believe we also embody the greater worlds and levels of existence within our own small microcosms, thus the creator has endowed us with the magic of self transcendence and with the ability to transform our present realities.

When our system can process emotions unencumbered by tissue blockages, high levels of stress, lesions and constrictions, the expressions of our deep most selves have a way to come out and be seen. With these conduits increasingly opened up and traveled by our senses it is possible that we can be guided to the optimum healing state, one where underlying emotional and physical traumas can be freed to resolve themselves.

Each client is naturally unique and ultimately unpredictable in his or her own response to bodywork. Everyone has a soft tissue history that influences and directs his or her individual pain patterns and ways of holding tension. Every person has different patterns of fascial movement; thus bringing a great diversity to the types and amounts of pressure applied and to the pace of the treatment, determined by what individual histories present.


I see my role as facilitating the flow of helpful knowledge or energy that is generated and engineered by the client’s own inner resources, physical state and conscience. A person will progress as much or as little as he or she chooses in releasing a pain pattern and/or a muscular pattern of movement. No changes are made without the willing approval of the client. Any structural changes that occur come as a result of the client’s willingness to let go of their old ways of moving or of holding tension. This positive and interactive approach allows for changes to be assimilated and integrated deeply into a person’s being since he or she has been an active participant in the process.


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